Our refund and returns policy are listed on our Professional Service Agreement. Please review the full copy of the required Professional Service Agreement by contacting us prior to placing your order. We are a Service Company providing services to the Transportation industry. In the process of providing service, you will receive pertinent information and guidance  as part of the service process. The information you received is considered a part of the order process. Your order processing begins from the time you receive an email with all required information to process your order from our service department.


Customer is responsible for providing the right information and documentation to the Service Provider processing departmental email for  transmission. Application must be completed for every service ordered, desired, or renewed when applicable. Service Provider does not have the right to, and is not responsible for expiration and renewal date reminders. For IRP renewals, Customer must provide, keep track and total fleet miles as required by the IFTA or IRP and renew on time to avoid penalty. It is the responsibility of the Customer to keep IFTA documentation, file all renewals, pay all fees, fines, and taxes on time

Compensation, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

 The Customer shall pay the Service Provider on per order basis. Each order has its own
cost and Customer agrees to pay Service Provider in full once a service is ordered. No service will be rendered without payment.

Professional Services starts from the time the processing department receives the order, and sends out first processing emails to customer. The Customer hereby agrees that there is no cancellation or refund on professional services ordered and/or rendered.  

Similarly, payments made to Government Agencies on your behalf for Authority set up and other set ups are non refundable.

Order Completion

We will allow you to complete your order in 90 days if you are having a difficult time obtaining documentation. After 90 days, the order must be replaced.

In rare cases when in house credit is offered, the credit must be used within 6 months on a separate order. After 6 months, any unused credit will expire.

Need help?

Contact us for questions related to refunds and returns.